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U.T.A Falcon 500D Lightweight Plate Carrier Waterproof Tactical Vest

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.Veat Size: Length 32cm x Width 26cm
.Small and large capacity, there are 6 magazine pouches on both sides of the waist protector, and a triple magazine cover on the front. 

.Laser cutting MOLLE system, lightweight and modular
.Ventilated and breathable mesh surface, ventilation and heat dissipation, impact resistance
.Quick buckle, fast fit and take off, one-handed control
.Bring rescue towing handle.

Waist is adjustable
.Bulletproof chip warehouse, can place conventional SAPI bulletproof board 30cm x 25cm (without bulletproof board, you need to buy these )


.Color: RG, MTP, BLK
.Material: 500D Cordura Nylon
.Product Weight: 970g
.Package Dimensions: 60 x 40cm
.Package Weight: 1020g
.Packing: Non-woven Bag

Package Content:

.1 x Front Piece
.1 x Back Piece
.1 x Triple Magazine Pouch


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NIJ IV armor

NIJ certified armor with a level IV ratingprovides the best ballistic protection on the market. Level IV body armor can protect wearers against rounds such as 7.62 x 51, light armor piercing projectiles like 5.56 x 45 (M855), and . 30 Caliber M2 armor-piercing bullets.