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TFAK Special forces combat team wound trauma bespoke medical kit MADE IN THE UK

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MADE IN THE UK & assembled by former UKSF & SFSG. 

Team Medic Kit - treats up to 3-6 wounded depending on severity of the wounds

Severe Bleeding :
Gen 7 Tourniquet (metal rod)  x 1                                      Tourniquet  Pocket size x 1                                          Haemostatic Gauze Roll x 1
Israeli Emergency Trauma Bandage x 2
Compressed Gauze x 2

Airway :
NPAs - 6/7mm                                                                 CPR mask Diaposable x 1

Breathing :
Chest Seal Vented x 4
Occlusive chest seal x 2

Circulation :
Assorted ambulance dressings
Wound cleansing wipes
Sterile Saline & antiseptic sachets
Gauze swabs x 2 packs
Burns dressings x 2
Triangular Bandage x 1
Self-Adhesive Dressings & plasters
Splint & Cohesive Bandages

Diagnostics :
Finger-tip Pulse-Oximeter (SPO2)
Strip Thermometer

General / IPC :
Nirite Gloves
Clinical Tape
Paramedic Shears


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