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Tension pneumothorax needle pen

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Tension pneumothorax occurs when air accumulates between the chest wall and the lung and increases pressure in the chest, reducing the amount of blood returned to the heart. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, and a racing heart, followed by shock.

The 14 gauge TNT chest decompression needle is in the recommended 3.25" length for treating a tension pneumothorax.

You can't count on a standard IV catheter to needle a chest deeply enough in needle thoracostomy.

Our 14 gauge x 3.25" TNT chest decompression needle is a compact, reliable solution for treating a tension pneumothorax.

Shock resistant case ensures the needle/catheter is secure upon deployment, and the capless flash chamber gives instant confirmation of needle placement in prehospital needle thoracostomy.

TNT comes in a rugged case, with a textured, easy-open cap.

14 gauge x 3.25” chest decompression needle

Strong, reliable tension pneumothorax needle allows for secure placement of catheter for continuous relief during needle thoracostomy

Rugged tube with textured, easy-open hex cap

Capless flash chamber for instant confirmation of needle placement

Convenient, compact size for maximum portability

Shock resistant, precision dimensioned case and needle hub ensure that chest decompression needle and catheter secure upon deployment for safety


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