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Tactical Military Modular Surival shovel AISI 1080 Carbon Steel

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Type: Multifunctional Shovel
Material: carbon steel
Model: Tactical folding shovel
Application: camping shovel
Product Category: Outdoor Shovel
Total length: 68cm
Shovel: 13*17cm
Shovel material: 1080 Carbon Steel
Handle material: Aluminum alloy
Thickness: 2.5mm
Hardness: 58 HRC
Weight: 1.2kg
Tactical blade length: 8.8cm

1. Shovel surface + G1 tube. Multi-function knife + G2 tube. Screwdriver + G3 tube.
2. Expansion: tactical sticks / climbing sticks (additional extension rods are used as required)
3. Manufacturing process: CNC machining

4. Cut, pierce, get graduated knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, survival whistle, broken conical glass, trekking pole, tactical stick.
5. Accessories: shovel surface, shank * 3, multi-function knife, attack cone, whistle, screwdriver, cloth bag, color box, instruction manual
6. Best use: camping, hiking, autonomous driving equipment, camping, emergency tools.



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