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Super lightweight 760gms Enhanced Hard Armor Plate Bulletproof Plate Ballistic Board NIJ Level IIIA

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Model: ATBP-3APH03-ME

Name: Hard Armor NIJ Level IIIA Bulletproof Plate

Ballistic Material: UHMWPE

Level: NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA

Size: 250*300*14 mm/10*12*0.55 inch

Weight: 0.73±0.05kg/1.6±0.11lb

Protection Area:0.075㎡

Outer Cover: Polyurea Coating

Shape: Multi Curve


Color: Black/Olive Drab.

Warranty: 5 years from date of issue.

Testing certificate: USA NTS-Chesapeake Testing Laboratory.


Product Features:

1.Made of UHMW-PE light weight 760gms

2.High Performance - Multi-Hit capability (6 Shots)

3.Capable of stopping .45 ACP / 9mm FMJ / .357 Mag / .44 Mag

4.Comfort-Multi Curve


Defense Level:

This product can provide a protection of Level IIIA in accordance with NIJ standard-0108.01

 9mm  FMJ RN        1400 Fps   (428m/s)

.357 SIG FMJ FN     1470 Fps   (448m/s)

.44   Mag SJHP       1430 Fps   (436m/s)









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NIJ IV armor

NIJ certified armor with a level IV ratingprovides the best ballistic protection on the market. Level IV body armor can protect wearers against rounds such as 7.62 x 51, light armor piercing projectiles like 5.56 x 45 (M855), and . 30 Caliber M2 armor-piercing bullets.