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120m range Grey Hornet Spy drone 2.4GHz 720p wide angle camera 6 axis giro, 6G wifi.

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Works with RC controller supplied or with smartphone via app ( Smartphone not Supplied) app is free to download from google play or apple store 



Main Features

1. The single propeller is designed without flaps, which has high efficiency and good wind resistance.

2. The 6-axis electronic gyroscope is added to stabilize the height, and the barometer is added to fix the height, the optical flow positioning, the 720P wide-angle camera, and the image transmission is clear (the remote control helicopter and the optical flow positioning are used for the first time). The flight is more stable and 3, easy to operate! Super long battery life! Impact resistant!

3. The battery life of Grey Hornet can reach about 15 minutes, and there are 3 included. 


1. Aileronless design, the propeller is designed based on aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and self-stability of the body. Simple 4-channel design, ultra-stable flight with 6-axis gyroscope;
2. The remote control of the main seat, the feel is delicate, and the control is more accurate;
3. barometer height, optical flow positioning, stable flight;
4. Modularized battery, intelligent power management system, power indicator, convenient and quick installation, effective protection of the battery, longer service life;
5. stunt actions such as ascending, descending, forward, backward, left flying, right flying, left rotation, right rotation, route flight, and pot brushing;
6. 6G mode, using 6-axis gyroscope, stable flight, especially suitable for beginners to fly;
7. Low voltage alarm, locked rotor protection, runaway protection, large and small rudder volume conversion, one-key take-off, one-key landing and other functions;
8. Equipped with a dedicated USB charger, fast and stable charging;

Packing list:

Remote control*1,
USB charger*1,
Main propeller*2,
Tail propeller*1,
3.7V 580mah lithium battery*3
Hexagon wrench*1                                                


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