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RS2 Thermol Imaging, Infrared telescopic Rifle sight.

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Video Transmission on WIFI APP ,
Visually more effective 


Technology Parameter :

-RS2 Thermal Imaging Camera
-Observing and sighting thermal imaging scope for hunting
-Entry-level RS2
-384x288 pixels
-WIFI transmission , mobile phone App browsing


After the device is turned on and the image is displayed, adjust the lens focus wheel to adjust the image clear (clear target outline)

Charger / Data TYPE-C Interface

 When charging, unscrew the charging interface cover and insert the Type-C charging connector (charging time is about 3~4 hours, charging voltage DC5V)
Unscrew the charging port cover, connect to the computer, and copy the photo and video data files

Warning Noted

 Because the uncooled infrared telescope uses a very sensitive thermal sensor, it is not allowed to directly aim the lens at a strong radiation source (such as the sun, direct laser beam or reflection, etc.) under any circumstances (turn on or off), otherwise it will Permanent damage to the refrigerated infrared telescope!
Please check the power when the instrument is used for the first time, charge it before use if necessary, and place the instrument at room temperature during USB charging.
Do not open the case or modify it without authorization. Maintenance can only be carried out by authorized personnel of our company.

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