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Portable Foldable Professional High Accuracy waterproof Metal detector

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  • 1. Two Operation Modes: All Metal, Disc
  • 2. Volume - To adjust the volume level of speaker and headphone.
  • 3. Earphone Jack - Lets you connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector.
  • 4. View Meter and Pointer - The meter pointer swings to the right if metal is found.
  • 5. Waterproof Search Coil - Lets you search for metal objects under shallow water.

The metal detector with a collapsible design, no assembly is required, just fold it into the stora bag. You can take it anywhere you want. Lightweight and doesn't take up much space.
sure to remove the batteries.
- Watch for water to prevent it from entering the LCD monitor.
- If the detector continues to send erratic signals in the field, the sensitivity may be too high, try reducing the sensitivity until the false signal disappears.
- To use the Pinpoint function, press the PP button and sweep the search coil over the tart area while maintaining the same height above the ground.
- As the metal parameters set by each metal detector are different, the corresponding table of metal digital values is only for reference of this detector.


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