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NATO/Evac Team Aramid Fiber NIJ IIIA Safety Helmet OCC dial, Zorbium pads.

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UN/Evac Team Aramid Fiber NIJ IIIA Safety Helmet OCC dial, Zorbium pads..

57 Layers of unidirectional interwoven Amramid fibre with a Polyethelene anti sprawl coating inside and out Rated NIJ 3A, will stop 9mm and fragmentation but not 44 Mag or Rifle rounds.

Level IIIA armor stops 9mmFMJ (Full Metal Jacket) and . 357 Magnum rounds from short-barrel handguns, Stops high velocity fragmentation (no rifle ammunition protection).

Made to order: Shells are all in stock and production time for 1 helmet ia 2-3 days, we do keep a few on the shelf ready to post, but we can also customise it to your specification, IE change the color, add NVG Shroud.

Default colour is Blue, pads may vary in color according to supply.


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NIJ IV armor

NIJ certified armor with a level IV ratingprovides the best ballistic protection on the market. Level IV body armor can protect wearers against rounds such as 7.62 x 51, light armor piercing projectiles like 5.56 x 45 (M855), and . 30 Caliber M2 armor-piercing bullets.