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SAS Type Military high-quality gas respirator Smoke, Chemical & Biological attack with filter canister.

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type gas Respirator is a novel design used by the SAS. When subjected to chemical, biological and or radioactive contamination, this respirator can effectively protect the wearers respiratory organs, face, nose & eyes.
Widely used in military, police, militia forces.

Constructed with very high-quality natural rubber, injection molded - comfortable to wear.
The surface of the grinding treatment.
The elastic band can be adjusted to ensure that it is comfortable to wear whilst being airtight.
The large triangular lenses made ​​of polycarbonate, with a broad perspective, a good optical, wear and impact resistance.

Canister supplies is of high quality activated carbon, catalyst, high efficiency filter paper and will filter the following: 

  • 1/ Hydrocyanic Acid HCN 
  • 2/ Hydrogen Chloride HCI 
  • 3/ Arsine AsH3
  • 4/ Phosgene COCl 2
  • 5/ Diphosgene ClCO 2 CCl 3
  • 6/ Chloropicrin CCl3NO2
  • 7/ Benzine  C 6 H 6
  • 8/ Methylene Chloride CH₂Cl₂
  • 9/ Lewis Gas N2
  • 10/ Mustard Gas CH 2 CH 2 Cl
  • 11/ Phosphine PH3 & H3P

The Defense canister is a highly effective respiratory protection solution with comprehensive filtration capabilities.

It has a rating of A2B2E2K1P3 R, making it suitable for industrial, emergency response, and defense operations.

The canister is compatible with NATO 40mm gas masks, ensuring ease of integration across different systems. It undergoes rigorous testing procedures during manufacturing to guarantee its reliability and effectiveness in challenging conditions.

Able to filter in addition to a variety of toxic gases (excluding carbon monoxide) and the particle aerosol. 

(1) Anti-cyanogen chloride time: less than 30min (30L/min, 1.5 mg / L, the relative humidity 80-80%).

(2) Oil mist transmittance: not more than 0.005% (30L/min).

(3) Inspiratory resistance: less than 196 Pa (30L/min).

(4) Expiratory resistance: less than 100 Pa (30L/min).

(5) Field of view: the total field of vision is not less than 75%, binocular vision is not less than 30%.

(6) Weight: full weight about 840g.

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