MCP(Tier 3) Course - Military Combat Pistol 3 days - Poland.

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MCP (Tier 3) - Military Combat Pistol
3 days
The course is staggered into 3 tiers, each Tier is Progressively harder.
Tier 3 (entry Level) – Tier 2 (Intermediate Level) – Tier 1 (Advanced Level)
Tier 3 is entry level intended to teach the student how to use a combat pistol and shoot Safely, accurately in any situation. The
course is designed for beginner shooters (Tier 3) During the course, students will learn Safety drills, basic pistol handling
techniques and master the ability to shoot accurately at various distances from various positions.
Students will acquire skills that will increase their self-confidence and allow them to safely use weapons independently.
The course will consist of practical & combat aspect of using a pistol in extreme situations with emphasis on the 4-gun safety
rules. From scratch, we will teach tactics reserved for special unit operators.
The course consists of the following modules:

➢ Firearm safety, Range safety, theory, weapons nomenclature and cycle of operation.
➢ Weapon carrying systems.
➢ Basic elements & essentials of accurate shooting.
➢ Static shooting & recoil.
➢ Tactical reloads.
➢ Speed reloads.
➢ Weapon malfunction & clearing.
➢ Quick shooting.
➢ Shooting positions.
➢ Shooting at several targets.
➢ Pistols in the DA, DAO system.
➢ Glock 17/19 pistol.
➢ Students also have the option to use CZ P-09, H&K USP & CANIC
➢ 9 x 19 - 600 pcs. 9mm Ammunition over 3 days
➢ Option of purchasing additional items & ammunition
Accommodation, Travel & Meals:
➢ Hotel*** in the academy,
➢ Meals consist of 4 meals a day, Polish cuisine.
➢ Airport transfers, (You must arrange your own travel)
➢ The shooting range is available 24/7.
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