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ISO Certified Ballistics Proof, Bullet Proof Body Armour NIJ Level 4, Will stop AP7.62mm & Several 7.62mm

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These high grade Ceramic/UMHWPE composite bulletproof plates & Plate Carrier (Vest),
have been manufactured to NIJ level IV Standard, which must  be able to withstand the firepower of at least one Armour Pierceing round AP, and several 7.62mm.
One size fits all (adjustable) 35in to 58in chest
Ballistics testd at:
Chesapeake Testing USA,
A Division of NTS..

26 mm =  NIJ  IV Level    - 2.4kg ea. 

Armour plates Product Description
NIJ Level IV ICW Ceramic Ballistic Plate
Material: Ceramic(Al2O3) + PE
Cover Fabric: Nylon and Polyester
Specification size: 300*250*(20)mm
Weight: ≤2.4kg
Style: Shooter Cut
Standard: NIJ IV ICW
Protection Area: ≤750cm2
Ballistic Impact: 7.62X51mm NATO, 5.56X45mm M193, 7.62X39AP
Carrier Product Description
*Product Name
Tactical Vest
Free size (one size fits all)
Black/Khaki/Range Green/Multi-cam/Black Multi-cam
1050D nylon Fabric
Quick Release / Modular / Extendable / Abrasion Resistance




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NIJ IV armor

NIJ certified armor with a level IV ratingprovides the best ballistic protection on the market. Level IV body armor can protect wearers against rounds such as 7.62 x 51, light armor piercing projectiles like 5.56 x 45 (M855), and . 30 Caliber M2 armor-piercing bullets.