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Introduction to Tactical Pistol Basic Fundementals & Skills Training Course 1 Day

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The course is aimed to be a comprehensive introduction to the basic Fundemantals of tactical pistol safety, nomenclature & shooting skills, it will prepare you for the real thing should you wish to shoot with the real thing & live ammo one day.

This Course will be taught ONE to ONE,TWO or THREE.(no more than 3 Students)                                  on the same day using theoretical and practical exercises. Any lectures will be conducted indoors and or on the shooting range.


10am to 6pm (1 Day) Course - Half Hour Lunch

The Course will be held in Surrey  with the use of our RIF's & Simulation equipment which can include our laser targeting shot recorder feedback system. 

Weapons used

Glock 17, Combat Master, HiCapa

The course will be conducted using Simulation Gas Blow back GBB pistols. 

Skill prerequisits

None. The candidate does not need to possess any prior experience with Firearms.

Required gear

Tactical Belt
Tactical/Outdoor boots
Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
Shooting glasses. 

Hot lunch & Drinks provided throughout the day. 


Firearms designs, Nomecluture, Cycle of Operation

Safety & Clearing + drills

Dry fire drills

Gear preparation (holster, mag pouches etc.)

Fundamentals of pistol shooting

Tactical shooting principles

Ready positions

Speed & tactial reloads


Controlled pairs Shooting

Multiple targets Shooting

Alternate shooting positions

Shooting with use of cover

Various directions of shooting

Key points of aiming and accuracy

Shooting on the move

Strong/weak hand shooting

Weapon maintenance



Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions

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