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4pcs LOT Medical Haemostatic Compression Bandage Israeli Bandage Trauma tactical First Aid

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- Small and light, high elasticity, can stretch to 4 meters. It can be used as a ring to fix things

- Plastic aseptic vacuum packaging, waste sealing bag, safe and reliable, will not open the wound again when the bandage is removed

- Simple and fast: it is no problem to use manual control. Special clasp can be operated by one hand

- The natural length is 2.1 meters, and the extension length is 4 meters. High elasticity can also be used as rings and supports.

- It is easy to carry and weighs only 58g


Type: bandage

Quantity: 5pcs/set

Material: Cotton

Size: 2 m (maximum stretch to 4 m)

Product features: bandage wound, limb bracket, hemostasis, prevent reinfection

Package Included:

5 * bandage


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