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Thermol imaging & payload Tilt VTOL Aerial Survey Carrier Span Fpv Rc Fix-wing 2300mm drone UAV mapping 80km Long range.

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Makeflyeasy Freeman 2300 Tilt VTOL Aerial Survey Carrier Span Fpv Rc Fix-wing Model drone Wing 2300mm UAV mapping Long range.

PNP Version Package Included:
1 x Build package Service (inc.) By
01184020775 our drone expert. 
1 x Freeman 2300mm Wingspan Compound Wing EPO VTOL Aerial Survey FPV RC Airplane KIT.
2 x 3520 KV500 Motor
2 x 4112S KV450 Motor
2 x APC 1510 CW&CCW Propeller
2 x APC 1555 CW&CCW Propeller
4 x 60A Brushless ESC
4 x ES3054 Servo
2 x Vigorous Titling Servo.

Freedman -- is a vertical take-off and landing fixed wing with tilting transformation. The wing length is 2.1 meters, the flight speed is 18m/s, the A7R camera is mounted, the battery is 6S16000mah, the flight time is 70 minutes, the take-off weight is 6.5kg.


Brand Name: MFE

Item Name: Freedman

Material: EPO,EVA,carbon fiber,PC,engineering plastics and etc.

Wingspan: 2300mm

Fuselage Length: 1070mm

Max take-off Weight:8kg

Suggested Load:1000g

Suggested Flight Speed: 17~20m/s

Stalling Speed: 10m/s

Maximum Payload: 1.5 -2.5kg

Payload Cabin Size: 120*150*120mm

Longest Flight Range: >80km(600g load)

Practical Ceiling Height: 4000m

Flight Duraion: 80 Min

Sugeested Flight Speed: 65km/h(18m/s)

Wind Resistance: 5

Take-off and Landing Approach: VTOL

Dismounting Way: Tool-free

Transport Case Size: 1.23mx0.45mx0.33m

CG: Under the raised position of fuselage hook and the wing root plastic(same position)


- Efficient Aerodynamics, on the basis of the conventional inverted T layout,the Fighter have optimized the aerodynamic figure and relative positions of the wings,horizontal tail,vertical tail and fuselage.

- Light but Stable.

- The wing and tail adopt a toolless quick-release structure, disassembly quickly.

- IPX3 waterproof level.

- Large fuselage cabin,low resistance.


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